"Verily I am Allah, there is none worthy of worship except Me. So worship Me (alone), and establish prayer for My remembrance." (Taha, 14)

السلام عليكم

Masjid At-Tarbiyah was established by the permission and decree of Allah on the 14th February 2010, to act as a spiritual centre of worship and enlightenment and to manage a variety of educational activities, conferences and symposiums that reflect the noble values of the Qur’an and Sunnah and our prestigious Islamic culture and heritage.

Help us keep the Masjid running

Please donate generously as this ensures that the mosque is maintained and the Muslim community continuously benefits to the maximum extent. Be assured that all donations are strictly kept separate for the Mosque fund only.

“Whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah builds for him a mansion in Jannah” (Al-Hadith, Sahih Bukhari).

Matrimony Services

Funeral Services

At-Tarbiyah Academy

Sisters Weekly Classes

What the Congregation is Saying...

Zarar Choudary
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Amazing mosque and a place to be. Imams are friendly. Atmosphere of the mosque is very welcoming towards brothers and sisters. They run different activities for kids. Weekend madrasah and much more. I love the place.
Hacen Hadj-larbi
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Very good mosque to pray 100% suna the imams is machaalah specially on Friday kutba You learn lot with them machaalah and god make it easy for them .
Ahmed Ali
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Very useful place and very peaceful and nice quiet mosque
Koysor Ahmed Miah
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Beautiful masjid, run by some very good brothers Marsha’Allah. The facilities here are very good & the masjid was recently renovated. They run classes for all age groups including adults, the masjid also has facilities for the sisters too, located in a separate building to the rear. Most importantly, they are teaching upon the Quran & sunnah. Alhamdullilah! May Allah reward all involved. Ameen
M Ahmed
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Alhamdulillah, excellent Masjid, amazing people, amazing atmosphere. Gives me so much knowledge of Deen that I have never knew about, Allahu Akbar. May Allah azzawajal reward them highly with goodness. Aameen.
Lamak Haim
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Great Masjid, great Brotherhood regardless of skin colour. Always learn something new from here. Great example of following the teaches of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah

The Masjid Facilities

In addition to achieving its major role of managing the masjid as a place for worship and prayer, the masjid has now established and reaffirmed itself to take a central role in the community. To achieve this goal we are happy to say that we have the following facilities available for the congregation:

  • Prayer service for sisters
  • Free funeral service and private ambulance
  • Activities for young children
  • Youth projects
  • Weekday and Weekend Madrassa
  • Taraweeh during Ramadan
  • Eid in the Park


We hope to promote mutual understanding between cultures; providing services that deal with the changing needs of our society whilst using high-quality standards as the foundation of all our dealings.

The Authentic Morning & Evening Adhkar

This summary of the authentic morning and evening Adhkar has been compiled from the works and publications of Shaykh Abdul Aziz At-Tarefe. It has been concisely written in a straight forward manner to inspire Muslims of all levels wishing to reconnect back to Allah.